Babuser Top An Amazing Place in Pakistan to Visit

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Whether, you are Pakistani or you are in Pakistan to enjoy your holidays. There are so many things you don’t wanted to miss out while in your free time and holidays.Its time to explore the beauty of Pakistan with your eyes to believe that you were under estimating Pakistan.

There are so many amazing places that makes your travel and your holidays more superb by visiting this place. Babuser Top is the highest from the Sea level in Pakistan. Weather, hmm lets talk about the weather of the Babuser Top, you will be amazed to hear that there is no summer season at Babuser Tap because this place is always cold and amazing if you are coming from the different warm cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore etc. don’t forget to pack your warm cloths with you.

In June and July when there is hot weather in different or almost every part this place is still cool and you can’t stop or stay night without a blanket or warm cloths. So when you decide to visit Babuser Top please take care of your selves because you may catch cold. One more thing to remember, eating and drinking or food items at Babuser Top are very expensive like other tourist spots. If you are visiting this place in June or July be careful while driving because roads are full of ice and may be slippery. Don’t try to drive fast or showoff because roads are very dangerous and curvy.

If you are travelling to Babuser from Rawalpindi or Islamabad you only wanted to stop at the babuser than the best time for you to travel is at night. You have to Start your Journey from 8:00 pm because then you will reach at the babuser top @ 6:00 am or may be 7:00 am. it will be quite lonely than you can easily move and take pictures but becareful ┬áthere will be snow every where you should have wear your warm cloths and don’t tried to run on the empty roads or snow because the Oxygen level at Babuser Top is very low you may feel dizzy.

Some incidents occurs, because the tourist there jumps or runs on the snow and get hurt due to the sharp rocks and deep slopes. Enjoy your good time but also be careful and very careful and look after the toddlers or childrens.

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