How To Download Latest Movies With Torrent

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Easy Steps To Download Movies Online

If you are movie guy, and love watching new movies and tell your friends that you have already seen that movie before them.

If you are movie person, who loves to store the best movies and love to watch them when you need them then this post is for you guys.

Today i will show how you can download latest movies, series and all the other stuffs you wanted to download.

Whether you are a new or pro this post is for everyone, if you know the more ways to download movies and useful stuffs comment them below.

Download movies with Torrent Client:

  1. In this post we will download movies with torrent client (U torrent) and (Bittorrent).
  2. After Downloading the Client you need to install the program or run the setup you have already downloaded.
  3. After the Installation you will see a program started if not you may find a desktop shortcut to open it.
  4. If you have an issue installing the program or running it mention it in the comments to get help.

5. Now what to do Next you have to found a website where you can download latest movies, sometimes you may see the link is not working or you can say that for the privacy or security the domain domain has been changed.

6.  There are Few sources that i have already tested and you can download movies or series from them 100% without fake download links or adds.

Here are few links of the website:

These webs are 100 % tested and you can download movies, series, Software and much more.

  1. Yify Torrents (100% Tested and Working till date September 2019.)
  2. 123 Movies (100% Tested and Working Till date September 2019.)
  3. 1337x oldest Torrent Trusted site for latest movies and other stuffs.

You may find more and share it in the comments you just need to select your desired movie or anything you wanted to download and after downloading the file open.

You will see your downloaded file will be starting to download it will takes sometime depends upon the internet speed you have. The biggest Benefit to download with torrent is, if your pc is shut down you don’t need to worry your downloading will not be effected with that, and you it will be resumed after you pc is started.

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