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What is Lethean?

The name “Lethean” comes from the root name “Lethe”, which refers to the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion. The Lethean team is on a mission to allow users to reclaim their security and privacy online. Our development team has over 100 years of combined experience with cyber-security and blockchain technology. We have created a unique VPN sharing marketplace that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth to earn passive income. This marketplace also allows users to shield their browsing habits from prying eyes by connecting to another user’s bandwidth with peer-to-peer VPN technology. The payment method used to purchase VPN services is Lethean (LTHN), our very own private cryptocurrency, making it a strong utility with an untraceable payment method.


Windows Wallet

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MAC Wallet

Linux Wallet

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Lethean Roadmap

2019 Q1

Lethean VPN

  • OpenVPN Functionality release for Exit Nodes
  • Updated Lethean wallets supporting VPN features
  • V4 software release
  • MacOS wallet full support
  • Command-line support for VPN/Proxy wallet functions

Lethean OS

  • Full release V1 – ARM and x86
  • Paper wallets generation

Lethean Blockchain

  • Transaction fee reduction measures

Marketing and outreach

  • Initiate aggressive marketing campaign
  • New exchange listing

2019 Q2

Lethean VPN

  • Refunds
  • Privacy Enhanced Mode (WP)
  • P2P SDP (distributed provider and service data)
  • Exit node DNS over HTTPS

Lethean OS

  • Wallet balance monitoring – incoming transactions only, or all
  • Print support

Lethean Blockchain

  • Monero upstream rebase assessment and consideration

2019 Q3

Lethean Mobile Clients

Lethean VPN

  • OpenWRT Exit node support

Marketing and outreach

  • US and UK market analysis finalized

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